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Gone are the days of struggling to find excuses to dip your toes into mixed reality. Dive in with SYNQ. Our monetization services and marketing strategies offer new business solutions that will align your customer needs with those of your company.

Our diverse backgrounds in business, storytelling, and building visually stunning worlds that have been viewed by millions gives us unique insight into client engagement. Our business services can help your company gather information, insights, analytics, and workflow solutions to meet global needs.

Your Vision is our reality

Our Process

Let’s talk about how our transformative process of producing compelling VFX/VR/AR/MR experiences.

SYNQ offers modular services. We have infinitely customizable solutions to cater to everyone from marketing agencies with substantial resources looking for specialized services to companies without marketing and/or technology departments looking for a full suite solution.

We handle a diverse set of clients with wide-ranging projects, spanning dozens of industries and platforms. We work closely with each client to help transform business needs using Mixed Reality strategies. Pairing user centric approaches with technical expertise, our strategies fuel innovative product concepts and solutions that improve workflow, increase efficiencies, and deliver new brand experiences.

1. Envision

Technical exploration and discovery phase which results in the right xR solution framework.



Ideas are transformed into core concepts. Project scope and budget is defined based on user story and milestones.

3. Prototype

One of our many differentiating factors. Visualize like never before and decide on your best options before finalizing the project.

4. Production

An iterative project development and execution series involving periodic client feedback, design approvals, and user experience testing not unlike agile methodology.

5. OptimizE

Project completion stages, incorporating client final adjustments and platform specific optimization before delivery.

6. DElivery

Project deployment including comprehensive training, documentation, and support.

7. Marketing

Helping clients with project publicity and promoting the experience to target audiences. Monetization services to drive incremental revenue around service offerings.

8. Analyze

Providing business analytics and marketing data to measure the efficiency of the delivered solutions. Insights into opportunities for next phase development. Structured and unstructured data management.


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