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Who We Are

We are a digital production company comprised of business solutions specialists, film directors, story-tellers, and technical artists with years of experience in fields varying from film visual effects, to 3D rendering and 360 video, to Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality (xR) technologies. We are adept at connecting a vision with its audience. Our in-house team of artists and programmers delivers industry leading visuals and seamless performance. Every time.

The face of digital interaction is changing and new trends are surfacing. xReality technologies are the best way to provide engaging experiences to your audience on their most personal device and platform. While the trend of heuristic talent is valued, our innovative veteran team will provide the welcome stability and expertise best associated with best practices and optimized operations.

We provide unparalleled turnaround time by using innovative methodology that anticipates obstacles and needs so that we are proactive instead of reactive. With our international customer portfolio we are ready, round the clock, to address your needs. We look forward to working with you.

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Our Team

We’re problem solvers and strategists. We are storytellers and visionaries. We immerse ourselves in cutting edge businesses and the problems they face. No strangers to ambitious scope and innovative pivots, we are hyper responsive, provide quick turnarounds, and partner with award winning studios and technology companies to help bring the best in digital media.

Taek-Ho Kwon
Head of Operations

Taek has experience working both with and in pioneers in the industry. As an independent optimization consultant. He currently sits on the board of 8 companies and on the governing board of government organizations in the US. As Chairman of a technology incubator in Singapore he has unique insights into all aspects of growing and networking companies to profitability and success.

Ahmed Shehata
CG Supervisor – Pipeline TD

Talented and experienced technical artist contributing for over 15 years to virtually most aspects of animation, film, television and advertising industries, 2014 Emmy and 2012-2013 Canadian Screen awards nominee for his CG supervision work.

Abdullah Boushahri
Film Director – Producer

Award winning film director and producer working in the entertainment business for over 14 years. Known for producing intricate high quality content while maintaining time and budget. Winner of the 2015 IWC Filmmaker Award at the Dubai International Film Festival.

Matt Whelan
VFX Supervisor – Director

Passionate storyteller and classical animator, making short films and commercials for over 10 years. Experience spans live-action and digital Directing, storyboarding, CG animation, and VFX supervision, 2015 Visual Effects Society and 2013 Canadian Screen awards nominee.


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